[Mail tartu]

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[Mail tartu]

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Kruusamae Ilmar

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sent from -

Vaike Kaar 56-7,202400 Tartu,Estonia

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contents -

1) envelope

2) photo

3) rubberstamps sheet

4) xylography

dimensions -

1) 16,5 x 11,5 cm

2) 10 x 15 cm

3) 15 x 15 cm

4) 29 x 20,5 cm

category -

documentationenvelopehandwritten letterphotograph documetationxylography

description -

The envelope was sent from Ilmar Kruusamae to Luc Fierens in 1990 from Estonia to Belgium. The envelope is enriched with rubberstamps  -MAILmART on the frontside and on a backside -MAILmART- Darling Darlene- and the rabbit. It contains a photo of John Held and on the backside the caption of the photo and an information about “International mail art symposium in the Tartu, Estonia, september 19-24, 1990”.  There is another sheet of paper with a lot of rubberstamps: Mailart, Silent poem to be read, close to with your mouth fully for over an hour and Darlin Darlene. In another sheet a xylography with: “nobeli rahupreemiaa 1991 Hussein. 1990 Gorbatsov. 1945 Stalin. 1917 Lenin”.

donation -

Fierens Luc