Bleus Guy


Bleus Guy
1950, Hasselt (Belgium)


Guy Bleus was born in Hasselt, Belgium in 1950. He studied philosophy at the Free University of Brussels. The main topic in his artistic works is “artministration”, whereby he understands a critical analysis of administration and its degeneration into bureaucracy, because from his point of view you can find the “banality of the evil” (Hannah Arendt) in every administration. He stamps “make (mail) art not war”. In 1979 at the Administrative Art Performance he showed up with his administrative registration number “42.292” into which his name “Guy Bleus” was transformed. Ever since that day he has been using that number as his pseudonym as well as old administrative papers, official administration stamps and old family portraits as a basis for his work.

  • 20 X Communication, Stedelijk Hoger Instituut voor Visuele Kommunikatie en Vormgeving 1989 Genk/Gent, Belgien (Catalogue)
  • 2005 Scents : Locks : Kisses

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