Cohen Ryosuke


Cohen Ryosuke
1948, Osaka (Japan)


Ryosuke Cohen was born as Ryosuke Kouen in Japan in 1948. He studied pedagogics and has been working as teacher and art teacher since 1974. As Mail Artist he uses the English spelling of his name Cohen. Since 1985 he has been sending his Brain-Cell-sheets with astounding consistency. These are collages done in a special copying process with stamps that other Mail Artists had send him. In 1987 he travelled Europe and in 1989 Northern America. For his second trip to Europe in 1997 he brought along large amounts of his Brain-Cell-sheets on which he painted the outlines of his male as well as the silhouettes of his female hosts with black ink. He continued this Fractal project on his trips to Northern America and Europe in 2001/2002 and 2003/2004.

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