Handa Mayumi


Handa Mayumi
1962, Japan


Graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University, Faculty of Law, in 1986, Ms. Handa is the director of HAIRART Hanshin College of Beauty, which celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year. She is devoted to promoting hair as a medium for artistic expression. Her sphere of action spans the globe. In Japan she has taught a course at Kyoto University of Education–The Theory of Nonverbal Communication–and overseas has presented as a speaker at international symposia in China, Europe, and elsewhere.
Ms. Handa was the first to use hair as contemporary art and soon became recognized internationally. She has exhibited in Tokyo, Milan, and Paris. Her pioneering efforts in the field are unconstrained by conventions, and her dynamic efforts have won strong support among hairstylists in Japan and abroad. In addition to being a hair media producer, Ms. Handa is also an active lecturer, writer, and contemporary artist whose works have received acclaim both in Japan and abroad.
Ms. Handa currently writes a Japanese-language column for Hair Mode magazine, “Reading the Code of Hair.”

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