Perkins Stephen


Perkins Stephen


Late 80’s mail-artist, historian , collector, curator, archivist and gallerist.
    Some of his activities (books on assemblings, zines  etc..) :

Subspace / Stephen Perkins
Stephen Perkins discovered the mail-art network mid-80’s and in 1985 he started the zine “Box of Water which existed till 1989.
And as all mail-artists learnt quickly- you acquire a large amount of artwork and so his archive was born.
 The name Subspace he adopted for his archive serving as a banner which a variety of alternative exhibitions and activities have taken place. Now Subspace also became   a home-bawd alternative space in 2017  that draws its exhibits from the printed matter collection of its curator Stephen Perkins, an artist and art historian.
He also used  the name SUBSPACE for his catalogues/documentation of his projects : International Zine show 1992
Assembling Magazines: International Networking Collaborations, Plagiarist Press, Iowa City, IA, USA, 1997, pp. 2–5. (Ed. by Stephen Perkins)