Sassu Antonio


Sassu Antonio

In the name of art originates the MOVIMENTO SINESTETICO. Founded upon a base of an evolutional Synesthetic Thought, developped in the history. That is from an utopic research of a Total Unic Work of Art, created from an interchange of expressive languages. Expressive languages that have as unic aim the stimolation of the 5 ( 6 ) human senses and as a result the creation of a TOTAL WORK, exceeding the attempts made in the past and using their experience; only without stopping at the fundamental relation between Colour and Sound, but extending the levels of perception on other expressive forms. We consider therefore the possibilities Communicative / Expressive in the contest historic present, taking as inspiration source the 900′ avan-gardes and from this, we
prepare the generational exchange.

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Via Alessandrini, 40, 35038 Torreglia PD