Open World

Open World was a self-published irregular xeroxzine diffused by the artist Kamperelic Dobrica originating from Belgrade - at the time in Jugoslavia. On the cover is written «Please duplicate and disseminate» proving disinterest in selling, quite the opposite proving the intention of a widespread distribution of ideas. The zine was published from 1985 since 1996. Open World was sent from: «Radivoja Koraca 6 | YU-11000 Beograd | YUGOSLAVIA»   In Belgrade, Yugoslavia, mail artist Dobrica Kamperelic publishes a magazine called "Open World" listing contacts between participants of an international network of artists. Correspondents from Cuba, Japan, Uruguay, Belgium, Australia, the United States, and other countries, write to Dobrica about their projects, and he in turn shares the information with and even wider circle. Borders are being crossed on a daily basis by this group sharing art and ideas, and not just by mail and small self-published magazines, but by audio, video, fax, and Internet. The curious thing is that much of the time Kamperelic was publishing "Open World," Kamperelic and his fellow Serbian artists were under a cultural embargo by the United Nations. But as Kamperelic has proved, it is impossible to stop the flow of information between countries. There are just as many people determined to communicate with one another at a grassroots level, as there are those trying to control information at the top. This network did not begin by planning to link cultures, but to communicate art in a direct manner; not through the traditional channels of galleries and museums, but from artist-to-artist. These early pioneers of mail art were determined to show that art was a gift among friends. That there was in fact, no distinction between artist and non-artist. Art was more then a commodity or an investment.