[Hommage to my belgian mail art friends]

title -

[Hommage to my belgian mail art friends]

networker -

Held John Jr.

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sent from -

1903 McMillan Avenue,Dallas, Texas 75206,USA

medium -


contents -

1) envelope

2) letter

3) photocopy

dimensions -

1) 24 x 10,5 cm

2) 22 x 28 cm

3) 22 x 28 cm

category -

artist’ activity documentationhandwritten letterOpen Worldperformance documentationrubberstamps

description -

The envelope was sent from John Held  to Luc Fierens in 1989 from USA to Belgium. The envelope is enriched with rubberstamps  –Open world- on the frontside and on a backside -Hommage to my belgian mail art friends: Guy Bleus, Bola, Luc Fierens, Charles Francois, Metallic Avau, Guy Stuckens, Rod Summers, Johan Van Geluwe by John Held Jr. appearing at de Media, Eeklo, April 21, 1989- and it contains one sheet of paper — on the frontside with an handwritten letter and on the backside a photocopy about Jan de Boever (Bola) and John Held Jr. in performance at de Media. Eeklo, Belgium, April 22, 1989 and another photocopy about Guy Bleus at the Administration center, Wellen, Belgium: Photo John Held Junior  and the last part of handwritten letter.

donation -

Fierens Luc