[Potato Lake]

title -

[Potato Lake]

networker -

Bloch Mark

code -


date -

6th May 1989

sent from -

New York City,New York,U.S.A.

medium -


printed matter

contents -

1) postcard

dimensions -

1) 14 x 10,3 cm.

category -

handwritten letterPanpost/ Fluxpanpaperperformance documentationpostcardrubberstamps

description -

The postcard is sent from Bloch Mark to Luc Fierens in 1989 from USA to Belgium. The postcard is a performance’ documentation rubber-stamped — Mark Bloch performance on 22nd march 1989 called Potato Lake (and other mythical vacation spots) — and hold an handwritten letter on the backside — Bloch is telling to Fierens about his donation to Kent State University of his own archive for no money.

donation -

Fierens Luc