Punti di vista e di partenza – la tua parola preferita

title -

Punti di vista e di partenza – La tua parola preferita

networker -

Fierens Luc

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date -


sent from -

Galgenberg 18,1982 Werde,Belgium

medium -


printed matter

contents -

1) envelope

2) artwork

dimensions -

1) 16 x 23 cm

2) 14,5 x 10,5 cm

category -

artist’ activity documentationartworkdocumentationenveloperubberstampsVisual Poetry

description -

The envelope was sent from Luc Fierens to Fondazione Berardelli in 2018 from Belgium to Italy. The envelope is enriched with a copy of the artwork of the artist: “Punti di vista e di partenza”. There is a rubberstamp: Mail art country- the heart of Europe * Belgique. And, on a backside, three kind of rubberstamp: Collage of Luc Fierens, Social architecture, mail art and the imagine of the artist

Inside there is an artwork: “La tua parola preferita”

donation -

Berardelli Paolo