[What is the social responsibility of the artist?]

title -

[What is the social responsibility of the artist?]

networker -

Held John Jr.

code -


date -


sent from -

1903 McMillan Avenue,Dallas, Texas 75206,USA

medium -


contents -

1) envelope

2) letter

dimensions -

1) 21 x 10,5

2) 24 x 11 cm

category -

artist' stampsenvelopehandwritten letterinvitationrubberstampsSocial Responsibilities

description -

The envelope was sent from John Held  to Luc Fierens in 1990 from USA to Belgium. The envelope is enriched with rubberstamp  –What is the social responsibility of the artist? please comment for a “Letter opening performance” by John Held Jr. in Chicago. Documentation to contributors. Deadline June 21, 1990 sent to: social responsibilities, John Held Jr. 1903 McMillan Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75206- and an triangular artistamp dedicated to Ray Johnson and it contains one sheet of paper — on the frontside with an handwritten letter with the same rubberstamp – invitation and a handwritten letter

donation -

Fierens Luc