Baudhuin Simon


Baudhuin Simon
1947, Namur (Belgium) – 2006, Namur (Belgium)


Baudhuin Simon was born August 29, 1947 in Namur, Belgium. He was also known as Pig Dada [or Dada Udhuin]. He decided to spend his life in the natural place of the Ardenne Habay-la-Neuve, rue Hoffschmidt 71. He was a vegetarian and cultivated vegetables and fruits in his garden. He had no TV or computer. But he liked to travel and to meet artist friends. He was an engraver and wanted to localize his works close to handicraft in order to deny being an artist. He also denied the made studies asserting of being doctor in Porcology. He entered the Mail Art network in 1985, participating actively in numerous Mail Art projects till the last days of his life: in the last week before his suicide he sent mail to friends all over the world. His goodbye? Or was his suicide indeed an accident?
He produced every type of work that can be sent via mail: collage, engraving, etching, drawing, photography, artistamps, artistbooks and visual poetry. He wrote critically about art and he organized exhibitions. [He organized every year an Expoporc: an exhibition about pig in Belgium]. He introduced many Belgian artists to Mail Art. Today they consider him a master. A pig was the theme of his Mail Art project, a kind of logo. And with pigs he participated in Mail Art projects all over the world. He was also a collector of anything that had to do with pigs and his house was full of pig images. In his desecrating performances he always wore a plastic pig nose. He committed suicide on March 9, 2006.

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