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networker -

Baudhuin Simon

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medium -

printed matter

contents -

1) envelope

2) invitation, handwritten letter

3) copied artwork

dimensions -

1) 11,5 x 16 cm.

2) 12,9 x 21 cm.

3) 14,8 x 9,2 cm.

category -

Copy Artenvelopeexhibition's documentationhandwritten letterinvitationPig Mail ArtPostfluxpostbookletrubberstamps

description -

The envelope is sent from Baudhuin Simon to Fierens Luc in 1990 from Wallonie to Flanders in Belgium. The envelope is enriched with handmade artistamps and rubberstamps in pig style. The contents are: one invitation the to the next thirteenth Expoporc that was open on the 29th and 30th September 1990 in Jodoign in the province Brabant Wallon with an handwritten letter to Fierens in which they talk about the future number on Pig Dada Postfluxpostpigbookletpiggishmailart for the serie of Postfluxpostbooklet; one small copied artwork.

donation -

Fierens Luc

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