Postfluxpostbooklet was a serie of booklets created by Fierens Luc from 1987. The project started as a documentation of Fierens’ art activity, but quickly he invited other mail-artists to participate: Spence Pete (1990), Segay Serge (1990), FaGaGaGa (1990), Crozier Robin (1990), Princess Debbie (1990), Nikonova Rea (1992), Bleus Guy (1993), Crackerjack Kid  (1994), Held John Jr. (1996), Altemus Reed (2001), etc. ... Fierens started widespreading  the postfluxpostbooklet trough Xerox as a collection of materials and as the result of new creative partnership. The serie was edited until 2013 in 100 numbers in 100 exemplares each in the size 14,5 x 10,5 cm.